A brave Pashtun girl

Image source : Goodreads

‘Height kum lekin fight zyada’ is how I would describe Malala! At a young age of 15 years old she went through hardships we can only imagine and yet she faced them all with immense courage. It is bewildering to see how a little soul can be full of so much of life and vigour. We all know about her story – how she fought for her education and was shot at by Taliban because of it. This is her autobiography. This was also the first autobiography that I read. At times, her fight for education seems so odd to people like us who are privileged and didn’t have to fight for it. Sometimes you come to know the value of something only when it is forbidden for you to have it. This book also makes one aware of how the evil in one’s society can tread them down if they don’t rise against it. The book is not just an autobiography but also accounts most of the historical events in Pakistan that occurred after it’s partition from India. So it also works as a small history book. I believe many Indians are unaware of the post-independence happenings in both India and Pakistan. For them this book can work as a stepping stone if they want to know about the Pakistani side of post-independence history. It also tells you about her journey till she was conferred with the nobel peace prize she shared with Indian counterpart Kailash Satyarthi. India and Pakistan sharing a Peace Nobel Prize – the irony is not lost on anyone, I guess! And that is exactly how the Nobel prize conferring authority must have wanted it to be. It must have been done keeping in mind what’s best for the greater good of the humanity and setting an example out of it. Since then Malala has spoken at the UN and in many parliaments of other countries. She is now 21 and still fights for child education in under developed countries. Her story needs to be read for inspiration.

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