The best kind of short stories

Image source : Goodreads

I don’t like to read short stories and that is why I almost never buy short story books. But after seeing much hype about it, I picked this one up and can easily say that this is the best collection of short stories I have ever read. There’s one story revolving specifically around shit. Yes! Literally shit! Even the title of the story is ‘shit!’ It’s a story about a few hostel dwellers who are very messy and very lazy about cleaning their hostel dorms. All the while reading it, there was a smile plastered across my face. The story has been written with such lucidity that it is sure to bring back some happy memories from your hostel life. There’s another from the perspective of a thief who broke into a farmer’s house during the night to steal his goats but is now on the run because the habitants of that house awoke and sounded an alarm. The theme of each story has been taken from the daily lives of rural and semi urban citizenry of India. The writing is fast paced and simple to read. If you are looking for something breezy to read, this is the book for you.

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