Making political judgements in India 2019

I read an article two years ago saying India is so diverse and sophisticated that it is extremely difficult to govern it or to bring any changes or do any good for it. We already have hierarchal and decentralised system of government, yet it hasn’t been able to successfully manage many different aspects of this complex demography. You have certain ways to do it though – you can either impose the changes or policies with force on people or you can sway the mass in one direction by giving them a push.

We have seen both… Forcefully imposed changes during the time of emergency in 1970s and during demonetisation of 2016. We have also seen their disastrous results to the extent that people even died. So with forceful imposition of ideas, changes or policies, you always run with the possibility of harming the existing tranquility.

What’s left is swaying the people by giving them a nudge. You can do that by making emotional appeals. People are easily swayed emotionally. It is like a mexican wave in a sports stadium. Once few people start doing it, it spreads and everyone starts doing the same. We have seen this happen through social media platforms like whatsapp and Facebook where one opinion can reach and influence millions with a few single clicks on forward msg buttons.

But what if the agenda, the policies or the changes are not for the good? What if their agenda has the possibility to be disastrous in the long run? What if it disturbs the very fabric of a nation’s constitution and democracy? Things have become so abstract and evasive to senses that it has become hard for the people to even comprehend what is happening. They go with the easy and available solutions and do not dig deep. But emotionally swayed people can’t think rationally because they are not thinking using their head, they are thinking from their heart. Do not do this! What’s needed is not to play into their political games and think of every possibility, investigate, research and consult before reaching a judgement. When the stakes are so high, we cannot afford a miscalculation.

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