Black Mirror – A partial mirror but a much needed one

Trailer to the new season

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?” asked the evil Queen who had the perpetual desire to be the most beautiful human in the world.

Checking our reflection in the mirror is a daily thing we all do numerous times. We do so to see if the visuals of our body are up to mark or not. We do so to admire and impress upon our projected image and also to correct blemishes if any. A mirror reflects back the true image of how others see us through their eyes and that is what it is limited to if we consider its possible capabilities. It can reflect back only the façade, the outer image of our individuality. It cannot reflect back on our personality, actions, tendencies, inclinations and disposition. Even the Queen’s magic mirror which could talk and compare beauty of each every and person in this world did not have the capability to reflect back on the evil nature of the Queen. It did not tell her that she was evil. What it reflected was only a part of the complete image of her persona.

The TV show Black Mirror does that for you. Aptly named as the ‘Black Mirror’, the show reflects on our inner image which we most often tend to overlook for the lack of a habit of introspection or self-reflection. We know that every century in history is known for something. One century might be known for imperialism while others might be known for events like renaissance, birth of a religion or some other thing. The 19th, 20th and 21st centuries are known for its technological and digital advancements, discoveries and innovations in the field of science. The show reflects on the darker side of this technological and digital event that has unknowingly snatched away the control from us of our own lives. It shows us how technology has led to erosion of values, ethics and principles, propagated materialism, human and emotional disconnect, facilitated our deepest and darkest desires, crimes, taboos, addiction, mental illness, corrosion in relationships and the fabric of society. It shows how the technology which is mostly sold to us by featuring its positives, has also propagated negativity in the society. The problem has become so severe that there are mobile apps available now for digital detox. It is a crazy thought if you think how technology itself will help you stop from using technology.

So it only shows you the bad and none of the good? Yes, it is a partial mirror, for it mostly shows you the negative side, that’s why the word ‘black’ in its name, but it is nonetheless a most needed mirror. Black Mirror is one of a kind show in sci-fi genre and a must watch for everybody as it compels you to contemplate the role of technology in our lives.

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