The five people you meet in heaven

In the previous book, ‘The five people you meet in heaven,’ Mitch says you meet 5 people who either played an influential role in your life or you played in theirs, after your death, in heaven.

A maintenance man, who works in a fair, saves a girl child from getting crushed under a falling Ferris wheel carriage and in the process loses his own life. As his soul reaches the gates of heaven, he meets five people who changed his life.

Continuing the story forward, this one is a sequel, about the girl he saved that day. After the incident, the girl, named Annie, goes through PTSD and erases any memory she has of that day. She lives a disturbed childhood filled with upheavals and commits many mistakes. Ultimately, a better day arrives when she is reunited with her childhood love. They get married, but even that was not to last very long. The couple meets an unexpected accident and Annie is soon rushing towards heaven where she meets the 5 most influential people of her life.

So, if you meet five people who influenced your life, you get to meet one more after that in whose life YOU played a major role. Eddie, the maintenance man gets to see one more person.

This is a story about making peace with your mistakes or guilt and understanding that with growing up comes unavoidable mistakes, but that shouldn’t stop you from living. It is also about taking cognizance of other people’s pain and problems. The series is a lot like ‘The Christmas Carol,’ the only difference being that you are dead in this one 😋 and get to have some closure on things that disturbed you your whole life.

I revere this author. He writes such emancipating stories. A daily journal called him as “a writer with soul.”

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