The taking of Annie Thorne

Many years ago, an 8 yr old, Annie Thorne, disappeared for 48 hrs. When she returned, it wasn’t her inside. Something in her had changed. It wasn’t Annie at all. It was someone else. Something else.
Years later, children have started to go missing again and an anonymous mail makes her elder brother return to the small mining town, that he left soon after the tragic end of his family, in search of answers and to stop history from repeating itself.

I can already see a small budget Indie horror movie being made out of this soon. The author draws inspiration from Stephen King. And I could visualise and relate a lot with King’s Pet Sematary and Bag of Bones while reading this. The narrative style, too, is a mix of King and AJ Finn. It was entertaining, smoothly written and I will soon be reading ‘The Chalk Man’ by her.

3.75 🌟 Recommended to Stephen King fans.

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