Hello! I am Saurav.

Curry is an Indian dish prepared with a blend of ground spices, herbs, meat, vegetables and various other ingredients that people love to eat when served hot. Soul Curry is my own dish prepared with the blend of few itsy-bitsy thoughts and observations I have during daily hustle. In a way it is my attempt to connect with fellow bookworms around the world and those who have a knack for photography. I am also passionate about mental health, politics and constructive debates on current affairs.

I try to articulate my thoughts on different topics in the segment called ‘Musings’ and expect that you will use the comment section to express your own views thus making this blog a forum of healthy discussions. I welcome it as an opportunity to learn different perspectives and opinions. I try to read as much as I can and you will find reviews to the books I have read in the segment called ‘Books’. You can also see the book I am currently reading on the right side of the page under the same segment. Being a person who loves to look at beautiful things in this world, I occasionally capture them through my camera lens. You will find pictures clicked by me in the segment called ‘Photography.’ Apart from self-authored content, I also try to showcase works of people who I interacted with during the walk of life and their work having struck a chord inside me.

As an amateur writer whose first language is not English, I try not to commit any grammatical mistakes but apologize beforehand for the same if you find any. Thoughts written here are personal and the intention is not to cause harm of any kind to anyone.

I always have a lovely time writing these blogs and wish that you have a Soulful experience reading them.

If you want to contact me personally, leave your details on the contact page given in footer menu and I will get back to you as soon as possible.