This is a story about weight loss. Not the kind we are familiar with in our general lives. In Stephen King’s popular town of Castle Rock, Maine, a middle-aged man has started to lose weight, even though there’s no observable reduction in body mass. He feels light. He feels energetic. He feels elevated.

Soon, he finds that the weight loss is not stopping. Rather he has started to lose weight at an increased rate. He consults his private doctor, who is unable to diagnose the problem. It is for the first time that something like this is happening, never observed or recorded before in medical history.

A time comes when instead of walking, he starts to hop around as an astronaut does on the surface of moon. He finds that anything he touches, living or non-living, also seems to lose their weight, but only for the moment. Fear strikes at the thought of what would happen when he loses all weight!

A well written short story, it is by the King afterall, but the story lacks depth. It was a breezy read. Recommended to people who want to get a taste of something cooked by the King. But don’t do it if you are looking for something profound. This one’s just a no-brainer entertainer.

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